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Boral Bricks

Melbourne Brick are proud to offer a full range of Boral products delivered with the Melbourne brick service and guarantee that Melbournians have come to know and love over the past 25 years.

Clay Bricks

Clay Bricks by Boral one of the largest producers of clay bricks and pavers; Boral is also an exporter of clay bricks & pavers to New Zealand, Japan and other Asian countries. Boral Bricks comprises of a number of clay brick manufacturing sites across Australia.

Home Owners & Renovators Clay Brick Selection

Boral clay bricks and pavers in variety of styles, colours and textures to suit all styles of home and gardens. Find brick suppliers for standard, 50mm and double height brick sizes to suit new and modern homes and clay pavers for patios, driveways, paths and paving outdoor areas.

Building Design Professional Clay Brick Selection

Boral clay bricks and pavers for commercial and residential design and specification. CAD swatches, brick properties, project examples and details for interior design, outdoor areas, modern or restoration building projects.

Building Trade Clay Brick Selection

Boral clay bricks and pavers are available in a range of colours and textures to suit new homes or renovation projects. Includes building examples and brick technical information and properties for all brick types and sizes.

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Elan Gallery – Labassa

Elan Signature – La Mesa

Escura Smooth Face – Brown

Escura Smooth Face – Choc Tan

Horizon Classics – Leura

Horizon Classics – Outback Blend

Nuvo Aspire – Coco

Nuvo Fusion – Victorian Blue


Woodstock Arcadia – Sandstone Gold

Woodstock Arcadia – Winter Gold

  • Escura® Smooth Face
  • Escura® Velour
  • Nuvo® Fusion
  • Nuvo Aspire®
  • Elan® Gallery
  • Elan® Signature
  • Elan® Estate
  • Elan® Frontier
  • Elan® Manor
  • Woodstock™ Pioneer
  • Horizon® Riverside
  • Horizon® Naturals
  • Horizon® Sands
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