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Stone Wall Cladding

If you’re looking for a unique finish for a retaining wall or feature, either inside or out, you are sure to achieve this with stone wall cladding. With a huge range of finishes and colours, you can achieve the look or feel you desire, giving your project a truly distinctive quality. Use your imagination – the sky is the limit with stone wall cladding!

Many features are created in a panel style system, making it quite a simple DIY project. Melbourne Brick supplies all the tools, glues and advice you’ll need to do it yourself.

View our extensive range of cladding options below, or click here to see our new range of cultured stone cladding.

Special Instructions for all Stone Wall Cladding products

Please use the colours indicated in this information as a guide only. Not all products are kept in stock at our 4 Melbourne Brick Superstores, we recommend that you call prior to coming in to confirm the item in stock. If not, we are happy to arrange for the stock to be bought in for you. Please allow approximately 1 week from order date for delivery (delivery fee may apply).


Mountain LedgeMountain Ledge

Mountain Ledge creates large walled areas with optimum design impact.

Its large size and panel system design gives this stone veneer the appearance of a precision, hand-laid, dry-stacked retaining wall. Mountain Ledge is available in five colours and is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects including landscaping design, external retaining walls and accents on buildings.

Panels are 125mm high; 200, 200, 500mm in length. This product is sold per box. Each box contains 0.5 m2 of product. Corner units can be ordered per lineal meter up the wall.

Five colours available:

  • Warm Springs
  • Sycamore
  • Buckskin
  • Smokey
  • Oakridge
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Country RubbleCountry Rubble

Inspired by provincial European architecture, Country Rubble’s rough-faced stones create a rustic appeal and add style to many interior and exterior applications. Available in all shapes and sizes, Country Rubble makes a statement in landscape design as well as with retaining walls or accents on buildings.

Country Rubble effortlessly adds country European ambience to residential or building projects. This product contains a range of shapes and sizes to keep its natural look and is sold per box containing 1.3 m2 of product. Corner units can be ordered per lineal meter up the wall.

Four colours available:

  • Tuscany
  • Chateau
  • English
  • Serrano
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Hoobler StoneHoobler Stone (Buller Stone)

Proudly Australian made and owned for nearly 40 years, Hoobler Stone is often chosen for its “natural” look.

Using strong, light-weight concrete the stone is cast in moulds taken from natural stone, the stone can be fixed to almost any type of retaining wall surface including timber, brick, concrete and fibro. Hundreds of different shapes are produced in a range of textures and colours and individually fixed into a mortar bed to create the appearance of solid stone construction.

Various shapes and sizes are available to retain the natural look of this product. Each box contains 1m2 of product (product must be ordered by box).

Seven styles are available:

  • Bluestone Pitchers
  • Sandstone Mix
  • Buller Stone
  • Hotham Stone
  • Colonial Brown Random Mix
  • Burnt Umber
  • High Country Granite
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LitestoneLitestone Range

Lite-Stone has been manufactured to a high quality standard and is ideal for adhesive fixing to most substrates. A timeless design that will add character to any landscaping project, Lite-Stone can be used for feature walls, panelling, column cladding and retaining walls.

Dimensions are 400 x 125 x 8 – 12mm (no corners), box size 0.25m2 per pack.

Available in four colours:

  • Valley Coal
  • Territory Slate
  • Tiger Sand
  • Calcite Blend
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Stack StoneStacked Stone

The Stack Stone range features classic elegance, combined with a simple panel system that gives this stone veneer the appearance of a precision hand-laid, dry-stacked retaining wall.

Stack Stone has an intricate detail of small stones – making the design breath of fresh air and dramatically effective for both interior and exterior projects. A stunning impact in landscaping, unique retaining walls and building accents, Stack Stone is available in five colours to complement any building project style.

The panel dimensions are 100mm high; 500, 300, 200mm in length.

Five colours available:

  • Bluestone
  • Castaway
  • Mountain Blend
  • Old English
  • Slate Grey
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Ardesia StoneArdesia Stone

Ardesia Stone outdoor tiles add a touch of urban sophistication to commercial and residential designs. Created with the vision of introducing colours that are modern and Australian, Ardesia Stone tiles are made from a slate stone material that provides a multi-layered surface look and three dimensional feel.

Ardesia Stone is durable and wears well over time, and can be used for interior and exterior applications (including retaining walls).

Dimensions are 400 x 200 x 15-30mm and box size 0.48m2.

Available in two colours:

  • Bisque
  • Onyx
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Ledge StoneLedge Stone (Black Mica Schist)

The Ledge Stone collection offers a rich palette of unique colours, textures and materials to provide an appealing finish to your retaining wall or outdoor landscaping feature.

Each individual ledge stone panels has very delicate details providing the decorative industry with a product that has a unique in colour and texture. Ledge Stone is manufactured using natural stone materials such as slate, granite, quartz and schist.

Dimensions are 610 x 152 x 30mm (approx). Available in six colours:

  • Golden Quartz
  • Multi-colour Slate
  • Dovas Granite
  • Black Mica
  • Bulu Grey Slate
  • Rustic Mica
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Limestone is a tailored stone that conveys a traditional formality.

With its hand-dressed, chisel-cut textured stone, Limestone is an ideal solution for many interior and exterior applications. Limestone is unique in matching various style trends including traditional, formal and rustic.

Limestone can be used to stunning effect in landscape design as well as for retaining walls and unique accents on buildings.

Various sizing is available depending on the selected style. This product is sold per box, with each box containing 1.3 m2 of product. Corner units can be ordered per lineal meter up the wall.

Available colours are:

  • Pasedena
  • Austin Cream
  • Appalachian
  • Cheyenne
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Decor Stacked StoneStacked Stone (Ivory)

Stacked Stone is an astonishing modern natural stone cladding that is perfect for accenting retaining walls, pillars and water features for both external and internal projects.

Made of natural slate stone, the stacked stone range presents an everlasting design with a unique feel. The material is durable and allows for design flexibility, including use for interior and exterior projects. In particular, the strength and thickness of the material makes it a perfect material for use on retaining walls.

Dimensions are 600 x 150 x 20-30mm and corners 400 x 150mm return. Box size is 0.45m2 per box (includes 5 corner pieces).

Available in six colours:

  • Ivory
  • Bisque
  • Shimmer
  • Alpine
  • Onyx
  • Russet
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