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Bricks, pavers, retaining walls, artificial grass, natural turf, geohex, landscaping, concrete sleepers and much much more. 

Whether your next project requires pressed bricks, wire-cut bricks, recycled or old red bricksclay bricks or concrete bricks, Melbourne Brick has it all. And bricks are just the start. Don’t forget we also stock natural and artificial grass, pavers, retaining walls, and much much more. 


Be inspired and transform your outdoor space into a dream with Melbourne Brick.


Blocks from Melbourne Brick | Huge range for any project


Pavers from Melbourne Brick


Limestone retaining wall | Melbourne Brick

Retaining Walls

The Ultimate Turf Buyers Guide by Melbourne Brick | Get the latest information to score the best turf to get your home lawn sparking | Melbourne Brick Blog

Grass & Turf


Exterior paving and pebbling in beautiful front yard | Melbourne Brick


Why choose Melbourne Brick?

With a comprehensive product display and range, experienced staff and an ideas lounge in each superstore, it is simple to find the products and services needed to create the look you want. Visit our stunning display superstores, see our full range at our online store, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.

If you would prefer to speak to us in person about a product, visit one of Melbourne Brick’s three display stores and view our range of bricks, pavers, lawn turf, synthetic grass, retaining walls, stone and landscaping products. Our staff have the experience and knowledge to ensure you receive the right product.



We envision a world where our customers spend an enjoyable time outdoors at home. We see our team as the most capable, skilled and friendly team in the market who enjoy coming to work in a friendly, fair, equitable and rewarding workplace.

Our customers are people who appreciate our quality, service and range at a fair price. Our suppliers are partners who help us attract and retain our clients in both trade and end-user market segments.


Our mission is to bring products and services within our six pillars to builders, tradespeople and end users in the greater Melbourne region with a view to enabling an increased enjoyment of an aesthetic outdoor space and home. 

We partner with the manufacturers of products with an emphasis on supporting local communities, suppliers and brands where possible. We also partner with 3rd party businesses to onsell some of our own products. 


  • Fairness
  • Expertise
  • Controlled
  • Friendly
  • Resilient
  • Persistent
  • Curious

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Miteq are manufacturers of specialized building products, sealers and cleaners for use on all types of masonry and concrete surfaces. All mites products are available from Melbourne Brick.