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240mm Blocks

240mm concrete building blocks are available from Melbourne Brick.

240mm blocks are usually detailed by Architects and Designers to level up foundations or to construct the ground floor walls of two-storey dwellings. They are also used in lift shafts and as retaining walls to achieve greater wall heights.

The 240mm block width allows for 100mm of load bearing or stud width, a 50mm wide cavity to comply with the B.C.A. and additionally a 90mm block or 110mm brick.

All 240mm blocks are manufactured with Tech-Dry water-repellent additives.

The 240mm concrete building blocks can also be made to order in any colour from the Island Block & Paving range, as well as shot blasted to achieve a unique, exposed aggregate finish.

Island Block & Paving is Australia’s only “Global Green tag” certified manufacturer. They produce high quality sustainable, eco-friendly Bricks, Blocks, Pavers and Retaining Walls.

Their “Sustainable Products for the Future” range is made with high-quality engineered sand consisting of up to 40% coloured recycled glass aggregates which provide striking surface finishes that softly glisten in the light. A 40% reduction in natural resources used and reduced CO2 emissions due to lower cement usage provide fantastic environmental benefits.

Melbourne Brick is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this commonly used construction product from Island Block & Paving. 

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