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5 On trend design Ideas

At Melbourne Brick, we’re all about bricks, pavers, retaining walls, stone, grass and landscaping products.

Whilst we don’t sell plants, we see our products installed in some of the most beautiful gardens you can imagine.

And we have a partnership with a landscape design firm too through our Melbourne Brick Landscape Design division.

If you want your garden to be on trend in 2018, here’s some hot items:

  1. The Jamie Factor – Have you seen Jamie Oliver’s cooking show where he presents outdoors next to his pizza oven. Well Jamie is a big fan of the simplicity of the wood fired pizza and whether it is his influence or not, installing an outdoor Pizza Oven continues to grow in popularity.
  2. Grandma would be proud – Hydrangeas are making a comeback to deliver a pink or purple hue to the garden. Yes, that plant that all of our grannies had in the front yard is set to become even more popular in 2018 once again. They say there is nothing new in the world!
  3. Getting stoned – no this isn’t about a certain weed. It’s about imposing hunks of natural rock as features in the garden. From a unique fence component, to a letterbox to a simple rock backdrop to an urban or cottage garden – big rocks are in.
  4. Texture, Texture – texture continues to be a big factor in choosing plants for the garden and the grass family remains a popular choice from designers. From clumped grasses like the Purple Fox Grass to larger leaved varieties, you’ll continue to see these in many Melbourne gardens.
  5. Water – it’s both traditional and trendy at the same time. Water features never go out of style because the sound of trickling water, or the sight of a pond in our own outdoor space seems embedded in our DNA.

These are five ways to have an on trend garden in 2018. If you’re building a new house or renovating the existing one, we hope it helps you decide.

For more information and assistance from our friendly and expert staff, come and visit one of our three display superstores or visit for a little inspiration.