With Spring coming on, many Melbournians are coming out of their winter hibernation in terms of the outdoor room.Perhaps you have found that your patch of grass hasn’t recovered well from the winter season, or maybe you’re renovating or building and putting in a new lawn area.

Either way, you might find these tips on choosing your next lawn useful.

1. Look and Feel

Probably the primary factor in choosing grass is the combined look and feel. There are so many varieties of grass these days, that your choice is much broader than between kikuyu and buffalo. And even within certain species there are now many varieties. Buffalo used to be good for looks, but very scratchy and tough when you walked or sat on it. Now soft leafed buffalo is more the norm. Buffalo, Kikuyu and Zoysia make great looking lawns. Couch can scalp badly when you mow it and look untidy. We don’t recommend couch for a domestic lawn unless you are really keen on it. Buffalo is good for a broad leaf, whereas Kikuyu and Zoysia are finer. Although, our supplier Ozbreed does has a fine leafed buffalo called Sapphire.

2. Maintenance

If this is your main issue in terms of choosing a grass, then Zoysia types are clearly in front. On average they need one third the mowing and edging of Kikuyu, and about half that of couch and Buffalo turf. If you prefer a more traditional choice and have gardens, then Buffalo is easier to edge than Kikuyu and Couch.

3. Water Needs

All grass needs water, but if you’re looking for a grass with good drought tolerance then the Zoysia breeds are best, followed by the Sapphire soft leaf buffalo. If water is a really big issue, then another option is artificial turf like our Supernatural Grass range. Some of the latest artificial turfs are incredibly realistic in their look and feel.

4. Winter Colour

If winter colour is important to you, then the Kenda Kikuyu variety is the best. In the buffalo brands, we recommend Palmetto. Nara has a better winter colour than all Buffalos. Couch generally will not perform well in winter. It is important to fertilise in autumn and winter to enhance the winter colour of your grass.

5. Shade Tolerant

Shade can be a big issue in Melbourne Gardens, and should be on your list for selecting out the right lawn for your home. Most lawn varieties are find in sunny conditions, but soon struggle if too much shade. Here’s a guide from Ozbreed on shade conditions by variety.

Maximum Shade Level

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