A brief history of lawns

You’d never know it, but the humble lawn so many of us take for granted in our yards, started life as a symbol of wealth and power in medieval times.

Before lawn mowers, installing and maintaining a patch of lawn was actually quite difficult and required a lot of hard back breaking work with scythes.

It required money, and servants.

So only the rich kings, knights and landowners could afford to show off their wealth with a well-tended green grassy lawn in front of their castle.

Even today, we turn our noses up at the house in the street with the poorly maintained lawn, or we start to worry about friends and neighbours when we see their lawn overgrown.

The lawnmower made it all very easy for the rest of us to grow and maintain a lawn and this is when it crossed from the wealthy to suburbia.

At Melbourne Brick, we are passionate about all types of lawns – both real turfs like buffalo and kikuyu and couch, and for those of us who prefer low maintenance and water saving, the newest high tech artificial grasses – some of which are incredibly lifelike.

We buy the best lawns from the best growers through Victoria and New South Wales, and the best artificial or fake grass from high quality local manufacturers.

Melbourne Brick has been an Australian, family owned company since 1988. 
Where possible we source or make our products here in Australia to support local jobs and communities. This includes 90% of our synthetic grass, Melbourne Stone Pavers, Timberstone and many many more products and brands.

So if you want to show off a great lawn, we’ve got the right one for you.

Call 1300 722 102 or visit melbournebrick.com.au or one of our three display superstores for more information and assistance from our amazing staff.

See you on the lawn soon.