A brief history of Pavers

Melbourne Brick stocks a wide range of pavers and we’ve been doing so for 30 years in 2018. We have a passion for pavers of all types from clay to limestone, concrete to bluestone, and even the recently popular porcelain paving.

However, our brief connection with pavers pales against the earliest use of paving by the Romans. In fact, did you know that at the height of the Roman Empire there were close to half a million kilometres of roads, of which they had paved a massive 80,000 odd thousand kilometres or so.

Parts of one of the most famous roads they built – the Appian Way – can still be navigated today.

Paving of course remained popular throughout Europe for hundreds of years after the Roman’s, and experienced a new renaissance in innovation and popularity after the second world war.

Several countries needed to replace damaged clay paved roads and used concrete for paving for the first time.

In the decades that followed the use of pavers exploded across Europe, the USA and Australia.

And whilst the style, colour and material of pavers changes over time, our love affair with the square or rectangular piece of stone or concrete laid on driveways and outdoor entertaining areas remains.

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Melbourne Brick has been an Australian, family owned company since 1988. 
Where possible we source or make our products here in Australia to support local jobs and communities. This includes 90% of our synthetic grass, Melbourne Stone Pavers, Timberstone and many many more products and brands.

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