A deep blue pool awaits

The humble pool has a special place in the Australian landscape.

Whether it is the community outdoor pool that is visited for school swim carnivals, or swimming in the peaceful forest river pool, water is part of our collective consciousness.

In Australia, close to one million households have a backyard swimming pool – this represents around 12% of all homes. This is despite the fact, the majority of the Australian population lives within just a couple of hours of the sea.

We love water, and this is perhaps best demonstrated by how well we do in the swimming events at international competition including the Olympics.

Pavers make an awesome pool surround and over the last 30 years, we’ve supplied more than our fair share of product for Melbourne’s homeowners.

At Melbourne Brick, paving and pool surrounds are a passion, so come see the product range at any of our display superstores or visit melbournebrick.com.au