Do you keep all of your products in stock?

We do keep a very large array of products in stock but as we have so many products we simply don’t have the room to keep everything.

So in some cases we do have to order products in from the factory. This can take approximately 1 week but always needs to be confirmed.

Some products are also made to order which we would always need to confirm the length of time that this would take to be ready.

Do you have to buy in bulk or can I just pick up a couple of pieces?

No you can pick up any number of items that you need. We would always suggest ringing us first to confirm what you need to pick up to ensure we have sufficient stock.

Do you install?

Melbourne Brick has a list of quality tradespeople that can help you out with your landscaping needs. These are tradesmen that we have dealt with for many years and who have received good feedback from customers. We’d be happy to provide you with a few names should you wish to get quotes from them. With Synthetic Grass, we have a specialised team who can install, and we will quote this for you if required.

Do you deliver products to my home?

Yes we can certainly arrange for product to be delivered to your home. This is done with a truck that has a forklift on the back of the truck. The truck would park in your street and use the forklift to pick the pallets of product up off the truck and then place it on your site.

Typically the pallets will be placed on the nature strip or on some special occasions they can be placed in the driveway or on your front lawn. The trucks that bring this product are very big and they need plenty of space in which to park.

Under normal circumstances, we can deliver within a couple of days from your order if products are in stock.

Do you keep Turf in stock?

No. Grass is a living product and needs to be installed as soon as possible after cutting, we arrange a bulk load of turf sufficient to fill that weeks orders to be delivered to our warehouse once a week (on a Friday) and then we deliver the product to each customer. If you require grass, you order and we will then give you a delivery date.

Please also remember that when delivery is organised, you also need to have the installer lined up ready to install immediately, and we will advise you how to care for the grass between delivery and installation.

Do you sell brick and paving cleaning products?

Yes we sell a variety of different cleaning products. These can be used for a variety of uses including general cleaning maintenance; spot stain cleaning; cleaning for bricks on new jobs that have just been finished and leaning for new paved area’s. These are both acid based and ph neutral cleaning products. For example, Melbourne Brick has recently started distributing an amazing product – Green Acid Replacement from GuardIT – which has completely revolutionised the way bricks are cleaned – the old dangerous acids are no more, and this product is clean and green.

Some products require special handling, but we will advise you on this so you can decide if you want to do it yourself or have a professional complete the task for you.

What about glues and adhesives?

We stock and recommend a number of good quality adhesives, sealers and cleaners for the products we sell. A favourite is the MAPEI range which is considered by many to be the world’s best range of adhesives and sealers.

Is Synthetic grass easy to look after?

The quick answer is yes. Rainwater will help to keep the product clean. If any weeds develop in the area you can use normal weed killer to spray the area and it wont cause any damage. You can use a leaf rake or a blower to clean the area of leaf litter.

Synthetic Grass obviously requires no water, or mowing so compared to natural turf it can be a good option for a low maintenance yard.

Melbourne Brick distributes a range of Australian made products under our own Supernatural Grass brand.

If I need to try and match a product, what is the best way to do that?

The best way is to always bring a sample into one of our stores and we can try and help you out.  Other alternatives would be to send a photo either via a text message or a email and we would be able to ring you back to discuss what your options are?

Can you deliver outside the Melbourne Metro area?

Yes we can deliver anywhere in Victoria. Outside of the Melb Metro area we will get transport quotes to confirm the costs, but we should be able to provide you with this information within 48 hours of your enquiry.

Do you have green or environmentally friendly products?

Yes. We are proud to distribute a number of products with a green rating or that have been developed by companies who care about the environment. Of course a lot of construction materials are traditional products that have been used for thousands of years, so whether or not they are environmentally friendly is more a question of the lifetime impact of the product. A product’s materials might not be green, but over decades of use, their overall carbon footprint might be very good. Clay bricks are a great example of this, as they are energy efficient to produce, excellent insulators that reduce energy use in homes compared to some other materials, plus they are fire retardant and relatively maintenance free.

Some other companies are replacing recycled content like glass into their blocks, which is not only beautiful but reduces the use of cement and other materials. The leader in blocks and retaining walls in this area is Freestone Eco – which is a beautiful product made in Tasmania. Melbourne Brick are the exclusive suppliers of this product.

Are your products covered by warranty?

We have a wide range of products with varying warranties provided by the manufacturer. We will advise you on each product depending on your needs. Be aware these are product warranties and do not generally cover installation, so you will need to speak with your chosen installer if they cover their work with any installation warranties. Melbourne Brick does not take responsibility for poor installation work, but we will back our products and our suppliers will back their products to the full coverage of any warranty.

Can you help with design ideas?

If you bring a rough drawing of your yard, we’ll be delighted to give you some ideas on products. We can also refer you to landscape designers or installers who do design work.

Our team is highly skilled and we have over thirty years in helping turn outdoor dreams into a dream outdoors so we’d be honoured to help you with your dreams for your outdoor room.

Do you match prices?

Generally we don’t do this for a simple reason. We focus on high quality products and having experienced staff to ensure you get the best advice, products and service that you can. Installing bricks, pavers and other products is a large investment. And it’s not like buying a cheap electric screwdriver – you can’t take them back once they are installed. We’ve learnt over the years it’s better to offer a high quality product at a fair price than to match the prices of what can be inferior, poorly manufactured items that look the same as ours, but in fact are not.

Having said that, we do often have seconds specials and manufacturer specials that can save you up to 40% on normal prices, so keep an eye out for those whilst you’re looking around.

It’s better to buy a great product and have it last than a cheaper one that you’ll have problems with for years.

What Brands do you distribute?

Melbourne Brick is trusted by all the major brands in bricks, pavers, retaining walls, grass and many more to be a preferred retail distributor.

Brands like AUSTRAL, PGH, My Home Turf, Adbri, Decor, Mapei, Pentablock, Claypave, Porcelain Outdoors, National Masonry, Best Bricks and Pavers, Island Block and many many more.