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Brick cleaning was a nasty business!

Imagine dealing with a chemical so potent you need full hazmat gear akin to something the Centres for Disease Control might use in an ebola outbreak.

Imagine that chemical washing off the brickwork into the soil in your yard, and perhaps even into the local environment.

Now imagine using that chemical with none of the protections described above. The product we are speaking off is sulphuric Acid – the ‘go-to’ product for cleaning bricks after installation on houses all round Australia and the world.

And now you have a picture on how nasty the process of cleaning bricks during the construction of a house used to be.

But not anymore.

That has all changed with the introduction of an amazing, user and environmentally friendly product called Green Acid Replacement from GuardIT.

Melbourne Brick is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this product in the Melbourne market for the household and builder market.

G.A.R. as it is known is a salt based product that does the job of cleaning without all the gear, and importantly without all the risk to the user and the environment.

G.A.R. is set to become the new gold standard in brick and construction cleaning.

If you see someone pulling out a bottle of sulphuric acid, you can now politely tell them to stop and then where to go to find this product. 

More details online at or with our trained staff on the phone at 1300 722 102 or visit one of our three display superstores at Glen Iris, Hallam or Bayswater. 

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