Choosing Between Natural Grass And Artificial Turf

When artificial turf first came onto the market for domestic use, it was more like carpet than grass. Today you have a huge range of quality, look and feel to choose from, so that the battle between natural and artificial turf has gone way beyond simply a way to save yourself some mowing.

Here are five factors you can consider when choosing between the two.

  1. Both have their place – At Melbourne Brick we stock both artificial and natural turf, and have been doing so for many years. We first stocked artificial turf for 3 reasons – Melbourne was in a drought and people were looking for ways to reduce water use, maintain an outdoor entertainment area and also reduce mowing. Whilst we are now getting more rain, people are still choosing artificial grass for other reasons or other purposes
  2. New varieties – there are new varieties of both artificial and natural turf. Some of the low growing new buffalo and native grasses require much less water and mowing that old varieties. Whilst some of the new artificial grasses even feature brown thatch in the base of the weave to make them look even more real than ever
  3. Maintenance – as mentioned above some of the newer natural grasses require less maintenance than ever before, so this reason for choosing artificial may not be as strong as before. Artificial grass does require maintenance of a different sort, with a replacement of the sand or material and a machine brushing to lift the pile every so often.
  4. Purpose – At Melbourne Brick, we’ve installed a lot of multi-purpose entertainment zones in our customer’s backyards – and for clients who enjoy golf, but also want the family to be able to use the area – a custom designed golf green from a variety of artificial turfs is perfect – you can have a green from one variety and a chipping area surrounding it from another. All designed to mimic the playability of a real golf course.
  5. Quality – whether you choose artificial or natural turfs make sure you choose a quality supplier. At Melbourne Brick, we’ve been standing by our products for nearly 30 years. Since artificial turf came on the market we’ve seen many fly by night importers and companies go by the wayside leaving customers with poorly laid or non UV stabilized artificial turfs. For our natural turfs we choose suppliers who grow good quality product and who back us up every step of the way. You can guarantee we’ll be here if something goes wrong to service you

There are five factors to consider in your choice of natural or artificial turf.

We’ll leave you to consider and look forward to helping you no matter which side you come down on. 

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