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Double Brick Homes are Best

With timber scarce due to production and shipping issues and the pandemic, attention is turning back to double brick construction of houses. Put simply, Double Brick Homes are Best!

A double brick house is built with double brick walls. These double brick walls are two panels of brickwork with a slim gap in between. 

This narrow gap gives the house excellent thermal properties – such as retaining heat energy, which is gradually released into your home, keeping the air temperature more even inside. 

There are many reasons why people choose a double brick construction for their new home. 

It has in the past been one of the most popular methods of construction in both residential and commercial buildings as it offers a wealth of benefits. More recently cost considerations have meant brick veneer is more commonly used. But right now, the attraction of this style is gaining popularity. And it only means minor changes in design, such as increasing rebate sizes at the edge of your concrete slab.

The benefits of double brick construction

  1. Bricks are an excellent shield against extreme weather conditions and are fire-resistant offering high wind protection and moisture control. 
  2. Bricks are great for absorbing noise and provide an acoustic advantage over other materials.
  3. Double brick construction is beneficial in regions which have a colder winter due to the insulating qualities, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 
  4. Bricks are a durable and they do not rot, dent or need to be painted. 

In addition to all the above benefits, building with brick is also environmentally friendly. 

They are made from natural resources including clay and rock, meaning they are recyclable.

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