Fake grass is the real alternative for your backyard

Fake Grass is a real alternative for your backyard

Fake Grass is one of the terms used to describe synthetic lawn or artificial turf. 

Yet there is nothing fake about the benefits of this amazing invention.

Artificial Turf isn’t new, with perhaps the earliest uses being on sporting fields – particularly in climates where maintaining a real lawn was difficult. 

Astro Turf is probably the world’s best-known artificial turf used on football fields, athletic tracks and cricket pitches the world over. 

Yet some experts are quite negative about the use of this amazing product – which comes in a variety of options – in the domestic yard. 

We decided to tackle some of the big issues head-on and give our viewpoint to the prospective buyer. 

Fake grass isn’t environmentally friendly

There are in fact, several sustainable artificial turfs including one that is made from 60% natural fibres sourced from sugar cane, providing a more sustainable choice in the synthetic grass space. 

Fake grass is no good if you have pets

Fact – there is a great Pet Friendly arti`ficial turf available from Melbourne Brick which is perfect for your fur babies and offers a low maintenance, odour-free solution all year round.

Dogs that dig holes in natural lawns can be high maintenance, so if you prefer a low maintenance pet-friendly option, give Melbourne Brick a call.

Fake Grass isn’t easy to maintain

Actually the opposite is true – you don’t need to mow, you don’t need to water, and maintenance is very easy from day to day. Over time, whilst fibres may flatten, you can get them renewed and have new infill added quite simply, 

Fake Grass doesn’t look real

Fact – some cheap turf may look artificial, but if you choose a high-quality artificial turf from Melbourne Brick – many of which are manufactured right here in Australia, you can get some that look incredibly real, right down to the brown fibres in the base of the weave, that look like real thatching in a lawn.

Fake grass isn’t for everyone, but many of the objections people raise are simply not true and artificial turf can be a viable, low-maintenance option for many home lawns. 

For those serious about their golf, you can also get unmatched quality and playability from the new SNG sand-filled Black Label putting and chipping greens – Installed in your own home, these fabulous greens attract the acknowledgements from professionals around the world, and many golf courses are moving to artificial practice facilities for this reason.

Please speak to one of our friendly and experienced team about our range of fake, synthetic, artificial turf. Direct from the team who have been helping homeowners and trades since 1988. That is 36 years of real advice from a supplier you know will be around for the long term and can be trusted to give you the best solution for your needs.

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