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Famous Bricklayers – Part 2

Get inspired by the stories and accomplishments of some of the world’s most famous brickies in our series “Famous Bricklayers.” From ancient civilizations to modern day masonry masters, read about their contributions to the industry on Melbourne Brick’s blog

Give us a Whoopi and a bond. James Bond.

In our last issue, we spoke about William Buckley who was a bricklayer before becoming an escaped convict. 

In this article, we highlight two people who became famous on stage and screen after spending time with mortar and bricks.

Our first star is none other than Whoopi Goldberg who has delighted audiences as a stand up comedienne, and screen actress for many years, starring in dozens of movies. 

And yes Whoopi worked as a bricklayer before she became a star.

Our other actor is the suave and sophisticated Sean Connery who of course was perhaps the best James Bond ever, as well as starring in hundreds of movies for over 50 years. He also tried his hand at politics pushing for the independence of Scottish parliament. 

Perhaps like no actor before him, his scottish accent is still pervasive even when playing a Russian submarine captain, or a supposedly Irish Catholic cop!

Whatever their legendary work, now you know they were passing around bricks before they were famous and we recommend you keep an eye on your neighbourhood brickie – cause you never know where they might end up as a famous brickie!

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