Fire, Water, Air, Earth

The ancients believed the universe to be composed of 4 basic elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These were thought to be the critical energy forces that sustained life. 

Whilst our science may have advanced to include many more elements, you perhaps wouldn’t be surprised to hear how these four elements feature in the design trends for our outdoor rooms.Many of Melbourne Brick’s products are of course made from earth forged in fire. Bricks are clay fired in kilns.

Our very own Melbourne Stone is a sand based product mixed into moulds to which we add colours often made from earth as well. It is very on trend to have a feature stone wall backing either a water feature or an outdoor fire pit.

And of course, we all love our outdoor pool or pond, and to be out breathing the fresh evening air. We talk about sea breezes cooling our homes, and where this doesn’t work we install fans and air conditioning to move the air around and cool it down.

At Melbourne Brick, it’s elementary to us to understand how the ancients must have felt about these four basic forces. Why not come and feel a little elemental yourself at one of our three display superstores or visit for a little inspiration.