Explore five great grass varieties for your garden at Melbourne Brick. From low maintenance options to drought-resistant options, we have the perfect grass.

Five great grass varieties for your garden

Melbourne Brick stocks a wide range of grass varieties and the products to take care of them. In this article, we review six of the best including the popular Buffalo varieties, Zoysia and the evergreen Kikuyu. 

We’re proud to stock several turfs from My Home Turf including three buffalo types of grass – Prestige, Palmetto & Sapphire soft-leaf Buffalo. We also stock Kenda Kikuyu, Empire Zoysia and Native Nara. 

Let’s take each in turn. 

Sapphire Buffalo is a fine textured high-performance Buffalo grass with a blue-green colour. It has good wear and drought tolerance. 

Prestige Buffalo has amazing winter colour, and excellent wear tolerance and is the darkest green Buffalo turf available. Good drought & cold tolerance.

Palmetto is a low-allergenic turf with an emerald green colour. It is also low maintenance meaning less mowing and edging.

Empire Zoysia is also a low-maintenance turf with low fertiliser needs as well. It has a beautiful fine texture and is lawn grub resistant with great drought tolerance. 

Kenda Kikuyu offers excellent winter colour and is a sterile Kikuyu (unlikely to seed). It is fast to establish with great wear tolerance.

Finally, Native Nara is best for native gardens & salt spray-affected areas. It is also lawn grub resistant with good drought tolerance & wears tolerance.

Along with all these beautiful grass varieties, Melbourne Brick also stocks a wide range of herbicides, lawn starters and fertilisers from Lawn Pride

Which grass is best for Melbourne?

The best warm-season grass varieties for Melbourne are Buffalo, Kikuyu, Couch and certain Zoysia grasses, which we offer at our three superstores. It is important to remember Melbourne’s weather is different to both New South Wales and Queensland and predominantly has become quite wet in the spring and summer months with dryer, colder winters.

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