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Five reasons why Buffalo Grass is so popular

It’s probably comes as no surprise that Buffalo Grass in one of the most popular grasses in Australia, but why is this the case. After all, there are lots of varieties from Kikuyu to Couch to Zoyzia and more. 

Before we give you the reasons why it is so popular, here’s a little history.

Buffalo Grass is thought to be a native grass to prairies in North America from Canada through the USA to Mexico. And also of Africa, but the original source location is obscure because it grows in so many place

Believe it or not, the first recorded use of Buffalo in Australia is way back in the 1820’s when Gregory Blaxland cultivated it at Brush Farm House near Sydney

There are several varieties in Australia, of which Palmetto is one of the most popular. 

Buffalo Grass maintains a good green colour throughout the year, which is reason number one for it being so popular. 

Another is that it is relatively easy to maintain – especially the more recent popular varieties that have been modified to ensure they grow less to reduce mowing

Buffalo is also more tolerant of low water conditions than other grasses

Early on, Buffalo wasn’t that popular because old varieties were quite scratchy to sit on – but newer varieties are much softer. 

And finally on the popularity list is that some Buffalo varieties are pretty shade tolerant meaning you can still have trees in your yard, and keep a good green lawn too.

So there you go, five reasons why Buffalo is so popular. 

Melbourne Brick is proud to stock varieties of Buffalo including Palmetto, Sapphire and Prestige

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