Fun Facts about Bricks

Did you know it takes a kiln heated to at least 1000 degrees celcius to make a brick? Or that the great wall of China used more than 8 million bricks?

Bricks are all around us, particularly in Australia where it remains the most common material used to build our houses.

But we often don’t give these amazing materials a second thought.

One of the awesome things about bricks is that they are thermally efficient. They heat up during the day, and then release this heat into the night. Giving a far more even temperature to your home than timber or other materials.

The romans carried mobile kilns with them so they could produce bricks wherever they were. This is how they produced the famous structure of the roman road – paved bricks.

The colour of brick depends on the minerals used in them, but also the heat at which they are produced – hotter kiln – darker colour. And variation in colour is also due to heat variations throughout the kiln in production.

Bricks are one of the most durable building materials and offer a far greater return on investment than other materials as they last a long time and require very little maintenance.

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