Get the Hamptons Style for your home

Hamptons Style is named after the famous long island community and traditional holiday destination for east coasters in the United States. Family homes on the seaside, casual and easygoing summer days.

Basically if you think seaside and casual it will fit in with the no nonsense, no formality that signifies a Hampton Style Home.

In this article, we share some products available at Melbourne Brick that will help you introduce the Hampton Style into your home.

1.    Timberstone – timber is a big part of Hampton’s style. You may have seen photos of these homes and they are often timber, brick and stone homes, and the border fences on beaches made of timber often look like they are about to fall over. Using timber in your outdoor area can be beautiful but may also introduce a big maintenance issue over time. This can be avoided by using our hand made wet cast Timberstone. It is actually cast from timber sleepers and you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference. It’s perfect for creating a casual pathway reminiscent of a timber boardwalk.

2.    Melbourne Stone – if the Hamptons are all about beaches, then look no further than Melbourne Stone. Named after famous Aussie beaches, our coastal stone is predominantly made from sand, with neutral colours that match Hampton style perfectly.

3.    Adbri Euroclassic Pavers in a light tone are also a perfect choice for the Hamptons look.

4.    Adbri Versamooth are perfect for creating a low border retaining wall around your entertaining zone in the outdoor area

5.    Kikuyu is a hardy lawn grass that provides both a robust yet casual looking lawn. Reminiscent of the windblown grasses that dominate the shoreline of the Hampton’s region. Combined with native grass plantings in your gardens, you’ll be well on the way to getting that look.

The team at Melbourne Brick have a passion for turning your outdoor dreams into a dream outdoors. Speak to one of our friendly and experienced staff for more choices from our range to support the Hamptons look and style in your garden.

For more information and assistance from our friendly and expert staff, come and visit one of our three display superstores or visit for a little inspiration.