Green Tag for Island Block – Exclusive to Melbourne Brick in Victoria

The Island Block range is the only Australian Masonry Supplier to receive the Global Green Tag certification. And a simply beautiful member of that range is their Island Block Retaining Walls – available exclusively in Victoria from Melbourne Brick Company.

With this range, you can meet client requirements for environmentally friendly solutions, without compromising on the beauty and aesthetics of exclusive surface finishes that shimmer in the light.

The functionality of a retaining wall, can now also be a key part of the design aesthetic in either a domestic backyard, or a commercial installation.

The Island Block organisation operates management systems which are aligned to ISO 9001:2008 and is committed to manufacturing unique, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The “Sustainable Products for the Future” range includes bricks, retaining wall blocks, concrete building blocks, architectural blocks and weed free paving products,

Recently one of Melbourne Brick’s clients specified over 1000m2 of Freestone Eco Retaining Wall into a brand new estate development in Eastern Melbourne.

Here are some photos of their range to inspire you in your next project.

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