If you can’t buy new, renew. Artificial Grass, Paving & Retaining Wall

3 things Melbourne Brick can do to give your existing outdoors a lift!

We’ll often get a call from a past customer, some years down the track, saying their paving isn’t looking the best and asking what they can do.

Likewise, customers who put in artificial grass, or retaining walls – looking for a way to reinvigorate the tired, dirty outdoor area.

You may not know, but Melbourne Brick are not only here to help with new products, we can also advise you on ways to clean and renew any product in our range. We stock the best cleaning products on the planet for our products, and we have expert tradespeople who can come and do it for you if required.

So here are three ways we can help you renew your existing outdoor room.

  1. Artificial Grass – after a while artificial grass can look a little tired. The pile gets flattened down, you get weed or moss growing on the surface, and the sand put in to finish the installation off, can get dirty or even taken away by ants. Melbourne Brick can organise a machine brush to lift the pile – we can deliver and fill the grass with new sand or even our new cool tech products which reduce the heating that some artificial turfs suffer from in summer. We can also show you how to keep the grass maintained yourself over time.
  2. Paving – sometimes all paving needs is a good high pressure clean. But you want to make sure you are using cleaner that is suitable for the paving you have. And some pavers – like natural limestone – will darken over time. Before you go and just pressure wash with any old soap product – come and ask us and get the right advice to do it properly. Or we can organise a professional to come in and clean and reseal your pavers
  3. Retaining walls – sometimes retaining walls can discolour or get a condition called efflorescence. This requires a special product to treat and often a professional restoration. But it can be done.

The team at Melbourne Brick has seen it all. So if you’re looking to renew rather than put new product in, don’t hesitate to drop into a store or give us a call and we’ll chat about how we can help you lift that tired outdoor room, just in time for the entertaining season. Visit our website for more information www.melbournebrick.com.au