Keeping it real with fake grass

In the early 2000’s, Melbourne went through a terrible drought – the dams were down to 30% capacity, winters were mild and dry, and summers hot and dry.

It seemed like we’d never see a return to the Melbourne of old – and climate change would forever change the rainfall patterns.

Around that time, the popularity of artificial grass began to rise. Also called synthetic turf, fake grass, fake turf and by other names. 

There were obvious reasons, as synthetic turf didn’t need water, yet also because there was no need for mowing or maintenance either.

At the same time, the manufacturers of artificial grass were also starting to get it right. The early products looked like carpet, whereas the newer products were often so realistic, it was hard to tell they were fake once installed. Varying grass heights, and even brown thatch embedded in these grasses to look like dead grass make them incredibly realistic.

Finally, on the design front we also started seeing specific grass varieties to enable the design and installation of putting and chipping greens in backyards. And there are also now high tech cooling media being put in the grasses instead of sand to keep them cool even in direct sunlight.

Melbourne Brick has been sourcing and distributing artificial grass for over a decade now and we’ve been at the forefront of delivering quality grasses for domestic, commercial and specialist applications. Many fly by night suppliers who wanted to make a quick buck out of the drought have come and gone, but you can be assured Melbourne Brick will be supporting our Supernatural Grass brand for many years to come.

We thought we’d share a few ideas of where you can use Supernatural Grass around your home.

  1. Green up the side pathways – often our side paths are dark and boring areas – out of the sunlight it’s hard to get anything to grow and often another area of concrete just doesn’t do it for us. So install some fake grass here for a more aesthetic area that is also low maintenance.
  2. Courtyard Living – if you’re in a smaller duplex or inner city townhouse, then putting artificial grass in your courtyard is a great idea. Simple and easy to keep neat, and making an area a little more appealing than old concrete or bricks
  3. Putting Green/Entertainment Area – if you’re a keen golfer we can install a putting green that doubles as an entertainment area for the kids
  4. Checker Board – the old black and white tiles used to be popular inside – why not make an outdoor checker board design by putting in artificial turf mixed with a bluestone or limestone paver.
  5. Balcony – modern homes often have a small balcony off a second storey bedroom/retreat. You can use artificial grass to make these balconies more appealing than a concrete or timber surface. Nicer to walk on, and you’ll feel like you have your own little park in the sky.

Melbourne Brick has been an Australian, family owned company since 1988. 
Where possible we source or make our products here in Australia to support local jobs and communities. 90% of our synthetic grass is made and sourced from Melbourne so we continue to support local jobs right here in our backyard. Not only that Australian made synthetic grass passes harsher testing & our environment.  We still have proof of jobs installed over 11 years ago looking as good as the day they went in.

When looking at alternatives, of which the majority are imported synthetic grasses, ask yourself how supporting these products helps your family and community. In addition Supernatural Grass support local schools and fundraising projects in the community unlike importers of synthetic grass

You can see the team at Melbourne Brick has a lot of passion for artificial grass, gleaned from over a decade of experience. We’d love to talk to you about your landscaping project or renovation. Call us on 1300 722 102, or visit