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Krause Bricks – Three Generations of Brick Making

One of the brands we are most proud to represent at Melbourne Brick is Krause Bricks.

Krause Bricks has been a family-owned and run business since 1945. The traditional craftsmanship and methods of brickmaking have been passed down through three generations, with each one adding its own innovations and modernisations.

“As a third-generation brick-maker, I have a deep appreciation for the vivid colours and textural variations which can be achieved using handmade bricks” — Klynton Krause, Managing Director and third generation Master Brickmaker

When you see the range that Krause has to offer at the moment, you’ll be delighted by both the tradition and the innovation.

Their bricks are simply beautiful.

Krause Bricks uses rich Australian clay from Victorian goldfields and beyond to create a bespoke artisan range of brick products, unmatched for depth of colour and textural variety.  

The Krause Bricks range consists of wire-cut and pressed bricks, blocks and pavers in colours ranging from vivid reds and blues through to warm, earthy colours. 

All Krause Bricks products are manufactured using traditional methods such as down-draught batch kilns which produce colour variations between the bricks within a batch – no two bricks will be the same. 

A particular range you may be interested in for that unique project is their Emperor Brick range. As Krause says, this brick with its unique dimensions is reminiscent of the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

These bricks will accentuate any architectural design and come in a range of colours from creams to reds to blacks and everything in between.

The team at Melbourne Brick are ready to help you with your project and to show you how a Krause Brick product can help you achieve the result you are after. 

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