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My Backyard is My Kingdom

5 ideas for converting your boring old backyard into a playground fit for all the kings, queens, princes and princesses in your family.


Stay at home….

We’ve heard these orders a little too often lately.

But imagine a world that when you heard this your reaction was YAAAAAY!!

Imagine if you had a backyard the envy of everyone on the planet. telling everyone ‘my backyard is my kingdom’?

Well it is possible with the help of the team at Melbourne Brick.

Here’s some ideas:

Multi-function entertainment precinct.

You’d think you might need acres of land to have multiple sports zones in your backyard. But not with Supernatural Grass. We’ve installed hundreds of backyard cricket pitches, entertainment areas and putting and pitching greens for clients all over Victoria. Here’s an example to get your ideas flowing.

Create that perfect backyard cricket pitch for long summer days with Melbourne Brick artificial turf

Fire it up

Backyard fire pits are becoming more and more popular. And they are something you can enjoy an evening out, some music or even a camp out all year round. Using a low circle of retaining wall blocks, you can create your own beautiful fire pit and seating area in your home.

A fire pit is a feature piece that will enhance your backyard to epic levels | My Backyard is My Kingdom

Cook up a storm

The mighty pizza oven may seem like an extravagance but with a few fire-proof bricks, and a little design help you’ll be on your way to a Margherita, Capricciosa or Hawaiian Pizza before you know it

Veggie Time

Whilst we are on the topic of food, what about installing a retaining wall and zoning off an area for your favourite veggies. Once again our retaining walls blocks can be used to create an amazingly aesthetic vegetable garden that doubles as a retaining wall, or even free-standing island design feature. 

A day on the Green

Why go out to the park when you can have your own beautiful Buffalo lawn at home? We stock all the turf and turf care products you’ll ever need for those who just want a simple and humble lawn in their backyard. Multiple varieties to suit any home or taste. 

Get into a store or call us on 1300 722 102 for more details, or more ideas.