Natural Turf Remains A Favourite of Melbourne Homeowners

During the extended drought of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, many of us were forced to find alternative options for ground cover for our bare, patchy and dying grass lawns.

Artificial turf solutions proliferated and every man and his dog was selling some cheap imported ‘carpet’ which looked less like grass and more like a cheap outdoor function room.

Melbourne Brick still sells a lot of high quality Supernatural Grass – which is manufactured to exacting standards for a range of outdoor living situations.

However, many Melburnians still prefer the touch and feel of real grass under their feet in the back garden. In today’s world of medium density and duplex developments, that square may only be a few square metres of hallowed ground – but with todays vibrant species – bred to withstand drier conditions and for low growth and maintenance requirements – we have more choice than ever.

Melbourne Brick stock a range of awesome varieties from Turfbreed (formerly Ozbreed) – who are the acknowledged masters at breeding Buffalo, Kikuyu and even native Zoyzia grasses that will perform well in most circumstances.

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