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Be inspired by our huge range of bricks sourced from all of Australia’s major suppliers.

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Melbourne’s widest range of pavers, stone and retaining walls.

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Retaining Walls

Melbourne Brick has the largest independent range of retaining walls and retaining wall systems.

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Lawn Turf & Care

Leading distributor of synthetic grass and premium natural lawn turf and lawn care solutions.

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Natural Landscaping Stones

Home to a range of natural stone products to compliment your landscaping projects.

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Complete Landscaping Solutions

Support your brick, paving, landscaping and outdoor projects.

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Stylish low maintenance concrete sleepers


Sleepers are a popular choice in retaining walls. However traditional timber has a lot of problems over time. They can rot and attract termites. Not so, the range of M OZ Sleepers available from Melbourne Brick. These sleepers offer a strong, stylish and low maintenance alternative. ... Read More



DOUBLE BRICK HOMES ARE BEST With timber scarce due to production and shipping issues and the pandemic, attention is turning back to double brick construction of houses. A double brick house is built with double brick walls. These double brick walls are two panels of brickwork with a slim gap in between. This narrow gap gives the house excellent thermal properties – such as retaining heat energy, which is gradually released into your home, keeping the air temperature more even inside. There are many reasons why people choose a double brick construction for their new home. ... Read More

Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2021


Check out these trends in how we design and use our outdoor space. ... Read More

Breezy Modern Design makes a comeback


Back in the 1930’s a new type of concrete brick started to appear. These bricks had cutouts in them and whilst originally called architectural screen blocks, it wasn’t long before they became known by their colloquial name of Breeze Blocks. It wasn’t until the mid century stripped back modern design period of the 1950’s and 60’s that Breeze Blocks truly hit a peak in popularity. ... Read More

A day on the green


A day on the green Ah, the simple pleasures of a picnic on the grass. Idling away a little pleasurable relaxation time with your family or friends. You don’t have to travel far to get that feeling. ... Read More

Building a beautiful wall, doesn’t mean keeping people out


Building a beautiful wall, doesn’t mean keeping people out Often walls are built to keep something or someone in or out. Back in the second century AD, Hadrian’s wall - named after the Roman Emperor - Hadrian - was built in northern England. Its original purpose was to keep out the marauding Picts and keep the Roman Empire intact. ... Read More

Spotlight on GuardIT Solutions


GuardIT are an amazing company dedicated to producing the highest quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products. From Green Acid Replacement, that offers a safe alternative to the old school sulphuric acid previously used by builders. To a Graffiti Cleaner that has to be seen to be believed. GuardIT Solutions is the world’s first truly environmentally responsible range of protective coating and cleaning solutions, proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Minimising risk to the environment and to human safety is integral to the organisation’s product development and corporate strategy. You can be confident that GuardIT Solutions products meet the most stringent Australian and international standards and regulations with regard to Environmental Compliance and Occupational Health & Safety Management. Melbourne Brick are delighted to be stocking a wide range of GuardIT products which you can purchase online or in any of our display superstores. ... Read More

Spotlight on Melbourne Stone


Melbourne Stone is a handmade paver, manufactured right here in Melbourne. It is a high quality product with only the best ingredients used in manufacture. We’ve been developing the Melbourne Stone range over many years, and this includes some proprietary ingredients and processes which ensure a high quality product for you. One important quality feature of our products is they are ‘colour-through’ unlike some cheaper concrete pavers where the oxide colours do not go right through the mix. This ensures if you do get a small chip or damage in the future, you won’t see ugly grey concrete underneath. Another is the mix of additives we use to stabilise the product, again resulting in a higher quality product. Melbourne Stone is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can check out the range at any of our display superstores or call us for more information on 1300 722 102. ... Read More

Spotlight on Geohex


Geohex is an erosion control system that is also green and sustainable. GEOHEX Erosion Control System is an Australian-made plastic grid turf and substrate stabiliser that has a huge variety of uses and applications. Being independently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), GEOHEX Erosion Control System is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly substitute to concrete and bitumen-type products.   As a cost-effective surface stabilisation and erosion solution for soil stability problems, GEOHEX Erosion Control System has been designed to prevent erosion, stabilise infill material and control shearing, lateral and vertical movement in a wide range of soil and substrate types. The Melbourne Brick team are delighted to stock Geohex and we’ve already had lots of delighted clients use this product in their projects. Check out Geohex in one of our three display superstores around Melbourne. ... Read More

Spotlight on Lawn Pride


Lawn Pride are without doubt the most passionate - some would even say fanatical! - lawn brand companies in Australia. The team at Melbourne Brick are delighted to have a range of their products in stock to partner with our extensive range of natural turf. Now you can buy the grass and the fertiliser and soil wetting agents all in the one place. Being a seasonal product, natural turf is best purchased and installed in warmer months. Lawn Pride Starter is an ideal lawn starter fertiliser for new turf installations or early spring growth. Contains 50% slow release nitrogen and high phosphorous to encourage root development. GreenXtra is a liquid fertiliser containing stabilised Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium that provides Xtra turf green up without excessive growth.  Check out the full range of Lawn Pride products in one of our three display superstores around Melbourne. ... Read More


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