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Bricks / Blocks

Be inspired by our huge range of bricks sourced from all of Australia’s major suppliers.

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Pavers, Stone & Walls

Melbourne’s widest range of pavers, stone and retaining walls.

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Retaining Walls

Melbourne Brick has the largest independent range of retaining walls and retaining wall systems.

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Lawn Turf & Care

Leading distributor of synthetic grass and premium natural lawn turf and lawn care solutions.

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Natural Landscaping Stones

Home to a range of natural stone products to compliment your landscaping projects.

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Complete Landscaping Solutions

Support your brick, paving, landscaping and outdoor projects.

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Five is the luckiest number


One of the awesome product ranges we’ve come across in recent times is Pentablock. This patented and innovative product allows aesthetic, vertical wall construction with it’s unique interlocking system. With over 15 natural stone facing options, you can be sure to find one that suits your needs in terms of colour and look. Pentablock is up to 75% faster to construct than other dry stack products so it offers time and money savings in installation too. ... Read More

Brick cleaning was a nasty business!


Imagine dealing with a chemical so potent you need full hazmat gear akin to something the Centres for Disease Control might use in an ebola outbreak. Imagine that chemical washing off the brickwork into the soil in your yard, and perhaps even into the local environment. ... Read More

Taking the lead on enviro friendly construction (The latest from Island Block)


On the beautiful green apple isle, a boutique Aussie company is leading the world in producing environmentally friendly construction products including blocks and retaining walls. Melbourne Brick is delighted to be the exclusive Victorian Distribution partner to Island Block - a company based in Breadlabane - a small town just south of Launceston in Tasmania. ... Read More

A brief history of gardens in Melbourne


In this article, we want to share the history of three famous gardens in Melbourne. Whilst we all like to potter around and put in a few herbs, vegetables or favourite trees and shrubs into our gardens, there are some people in history who have taken this passion to extremes. ... Read More

A brief history of lawns


You’d never know it, but the humble lawn so many of us take for granted in our yards, started life as a symbol of wealth and power in medieval times. Before lawn mowers, installing and maintaining a patch of lawn was actually quite difficult and required a lot of hard back breaking work with scythes. It required money, and servants. ... Read More

Keeping it real with fake grass


In the early 2000’s, Melbourne went through a terrible drought – the dams were down to 30% capacity, winters were mild and dry, and summers hot and dry. It seemed like we’d never see a return to the Melbourne of old – and climate change would forever change the rainfall patterns. ... Read More

A brief history of retaining walls


Continuing our history of series, this week we’re discussing retaining walls. The early Egyptians were the architects of some of the first retaining walls, when they were trying to stop flooding and soil erosion in their fields along the banks of the Nile river. Of course, a retaining wall is defined as any wall of any material that is used to stop the movement of soil in areas where a change in ground elevation is needed. ... Read More

A brief history of bricks and convicts


It wasn’t long after the first fleet arrived in Sydney that bricks were being made by convicts. In fact, a site in Darling Harbour is thought to be the first site of a brick making facility in our city by the harbour. Bricks made by convicts will often have a special mark on them, like an arrow or a diamond. ... Read More

A brief history of Pavers


Melbourne Brick stocks a wide range of pavers and we’ve been doing so for 30 years in 2018. We have a passion for pavers of all types from clay to limestone, concrete to bluestone, and even the recently popular porcelain paving. However, our brief connection with pavers pales against the earliest use of paving by the Romans. In fact, did you know that at the height of the Roman Empire there were close to half a million kilometres of roads, of which they had paved a massive 80,000 odd thousand kilometres or so. ... Read More

What is your favourite garden style?


Through the years, landscape designers have created some amazing styles of garden – from the formal manor gardens of the English Gentry to the lovely cottage gardens of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. From the modern, minimalist to the functional family friendly zone. At Melbourne Brick, we’ve been helping people turn their outdoor dreams into a dream outdoors for thirty years. ... Read More


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