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3 reasons to choose sustainable products


More and more companies are developing and launching sustainable alternatives in the construction industry. 


Most people would like to do their bit for the environment, but sometimes aren’t sure what they can do to reduce their impact on the planet.


By now, everyone agrees that plastic in our oceans isn’t a good thing - especially if you want to avoid eating it in the next fish you cook.


And there are many other products that can cause significant negative impacts on our environment.


Here’s three reasons for choosing sustainable products in your new home or renovation.


Protecting the environment


We’ve already discussed items like plastic above, but there are many products used in construction that are either not sustainable or contain significant chemicals or environmentally damaging products. 


Everyone knows of past sins like asbestos, and even now the dangers of engineered stone causing silicosis are just coming to light.


Products like Island Block & Paving’s bricks and blocks are green certified and use less cement - replacing it with recycled glass. 


Protecting your health


Certain products like the Guardit solutions range of cleaners are way better for your health. 


Builders used to use harmful chemicals like sulphuric acid to clean bricks, which can be very dangerous to work with, and cause lasting damage.


GuardIT produces safe, non toxic products that are not detrimental to your health when you use them.


Protecting your children


Did you know it can take five hundred years for a disposable coffee cup to break down?


Do some research on the products you choose, because you could be selecting products which when disposed of down the track, could last for several generations of your children and their children. 


It certainly gives you pause to think about things.


Some manufacturers are finding alternative sources for their manufactured products - like Synlawn and their 60% sustainable yarn sourced from sugar cane - of all things. This has a significant impact in the artificial lawn product segment.


If you select these types of product when presented with the option, it will only encourage more manufacturers to invest in green options.

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