Paving trends for Victorian homeowners

Outdoor Pavers have an inspiring present and exciting future.

Outdoor Pavers have an inspiring present and exciting future.

Pavers are both functional and aesthetic and have been a popular part of the outdoor landscaping scene in Melbourne since the 1830s when the city was founded.

Melbourne’s love affair with Bluestone Pavers is well known, with many city laneways still paved in this beautiful basalt rock that was quarried around Victoria from the early 19th Century.

Many of our stately homes – built on the wealth of gold – followed suit. 

Generation after generation of home owners and architects and builders have turned to paving to create a stunning outdoor environment for homes and public spaces. 

Of course, as time has moved on, so has the choice of paving available to you. 

In natural paving, Bluestone has been joined by Limestone. Clay Pavers were incredibly popular throughout the mid 20th Century. Larger format pavers – both natural and handmade – have joined the scene in recent times, offering a simpler and cleaner look for outdoor entertaining as Melburninans continue their love affair with outdoor living and dining.

In the past few years, crazy pavers have made a splash for walkways in less formal gardens, and keeping up the demand for these has kept our very own Melbourne Stone manufacturing facility super busy in recent times. 

Melbourne Stone comes in a range of colours and styles and you can view the range online or at one of our display superstores. 

Sustainability is not overlooked with some paving designs featuring sustainable materials with Greentag certification, and others that allow excellent water flow, good drainage and erosion control.

More innovation is likely in the future, as technology such as solar, lighting, heating and other interesting functionalities are tested in research and development. Whilst these are not readily available to the wider market, there are pilot projects around the world investigating how to add value to the humble paver. 

Whatever comes along, right now in the present, homeowners, architects and builders can view and select from a huge range of paving at any of the display superstores at Melbourne Brick.

You can also speak to our friendly and experienced staff anytime by calling 1300 722 102. We’re passionate about investing in real people, who can provide personal service. Melbourne Brick leads the way in investing in our people, both in-store and on the road. 

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