Brick Matching Service

Melbourne Brick’s Match Up Service

Email us a photo of your bricks or bring it in store and we will match it today

Melbourne Brick offers the only Genuine Brick Match Up Service in Melbourne. We stock a wide range of bricks from the major brands and specialist brick manufacturers to ensure you find the right brick for the right price.

Brick matching is a process that can be quite difficult for the individual consumer. However, we have a specific process we go through that includes:

  • samples or site visits;
  • search around Australia for various suppliers;
  • samples of the best match, and;
  • meeting with client at a sales centre.


For small quantities, simply bring a photo or sample into your closest display store in Bayswater, Hallam or Glen Iris and we’ll look at it on the spot.

For larger quantities, we will send a consultant out with some samples. Just call 1300 722 102 or email with details of your project and a contact number.

Contact us on 1300 722 102 if you need any further assistance.