Fence Capping & Pillars

natural and handcrafted stone to create a brilliant finish for fences, pillars and posts.

Fence Capping & Pillars

Fence capping is used to dress and finish the look of standard brick walls, stacked stone dry walls or retaining wall blocks.

Formal fencing around houses and commercial buildings became popular from around 1870 in Australia. Often cast iron fencing was framed with stunning brickwork, sandstone or bluestone pillars and caps.

You can recreate this look with your own modern or traditional flavour from the range that we stock.

Melbourne Brick uses natural and handcrafted materials to create a brilliant stone finish for fences, pillars and posts.

Our fence capping designs complement your landscape, as well as give you a product that will last and age well.

You can see a range of products in our display superstores at Glen Iris, Hallam or Bayswater.