Hawthorn Bricks

Hawthorn Originals – modern beauty, colonial elegance

The Hawthorn Bricks Collection at Melbourne Brick

The Hawthorn Bricks Collection combines modern beauty with the elegance of Australia’s colonial past. A perennial favourite, this product is no longer manufactured and the limited remaining stock is exclusively available from Melbourne Brick. This range echoes the iconic Hawthorn brick that gives so many of Melbourne’s historic inner city homes their distinct character. 

The Hawthorn Originals feature a powerful blend of rich earthy tones and can be further refined by the addition of blues or whites for a completely unique finish. The Hawthorn range captures red, tan and brown base clay colours, and is further highlighted with dark and strong blue char and black frit, giving them a rich historic ambience. No two Hawthorn bricks are the same, giving the range a truly unique, handmade aesthetic that is uniquely Melbourne.

Now the Hawthorn range is treated with a Tech-Dry additive to make them heavily water resistant.

Hawthorn Originals

The original colonial brick. Rich Earthy tones enhanced by deep tans, setting new standards in solid bricks.

Hawthorn Originals with Blues

A favourite of the Victorian Era. The Blues contrast beautifully with the rustic tones of Hawthorn Originals.

Hawthorn Originals with Whites

Enhanced by the addition of white faces to bricks, this unique blend has an aged blook unsurpassed by other bricks.

Hawthorn Originals with Blues & Whites

This brick has the lot. The beautiful Originals with contrasting blues, plus white faces.

Hawthorn Apricots

Apricots are a beautiful combination, incorporating a subtle blend of oranges, tans and reds. Reminiscent of early Australia.

Hawthorn Apricots with Blues

Adding Blues brings out the soft pastel tones of Apricots and gives a totally majestic appearance.

Hawthorn Apricots with Whites

The addition of a white lime slurry to Apricots takes you back in time to an era of beautiful country mansions and horse-drawn carriages

Hawthorn Apricots, Blues & Whites

The rich texture of Apricots combined with stark contrasts of Blues and the added effect of white lime slurry. What more could you ask for in a brick?