Masonry Bricks & Blocks

With a wide range of grey brick and designer block bricks available, Melbourne Brick has Masonry Bricks to suit every occasion.

Masonry Bricks & Blocks at Melbourne Brick

Melbourne Brick stocks a wide range of grey brick and designer block bricks. If you are looking for a different finish than what is achieved with a traditional house brick, consider our selection of grey bricks and grey blocks for rendering, or our designer blocks for an architectural look.

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Grey Brick & Grey Block

This kind of brick is commonly known as Besser Block and is often used as a base for rendering, bagging and painting over. Grey bricks and blocks are a reliable, cost-effective solution for residential homes, unit blocks and large-scale commercial construction and developments. Once rendered, grey blocks are highly attractive and for this reason, are now increasingly used for exterior walls and features. With no colour or oxides, grey bricks and grey blocks are also the most economical option.

Grey Brick and Blocks are made to meet Australian standards and engineer’s requirements for domestic and commercial projects. Melbourne Brick can provide test reports and assistance with R values (thermal resistance), fire resistance and fire ratings.

Designer Block

(Sandhurst Stone, Macquarie Stone, Rockface Block, Designer Block & Honed Block)

With a similar appearance to rough-cut limestone, sandstone-style bricks add an essence of natural stone appeal to your home. Sandstone is a coloured rock-face and smooth-face block that has become a popular house brick due to its larger size and structural capability.

Designer block bricks are increasing in demand and Melbourne Brick now stocks a wide range of designer blocks to assist you. Designer blocks are either sandblasted or shot blasted with a smooth or honed finish, revealing the aggregate in the block in a shiny surface that gives it a modern/architectural feel.

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