Garden Edging

A revolutionary product created as part of the Link Plus range, Link Edge is designed to create a clean yet creative look for your garden.

Link Edge

Melbourne Brick stocks Link Edge to assist with all of your garden edging needs and help give your garden a structured yet distinctive quality.

A revolutionary product created as part of the Link Plus range, Link Edge is designed to create a clean yet creative look for your garden. Time and economically efficient, Link Edge has the usability and strength of steel yet will not rust and leave sharp edges. Available in a range of powdercoated colours, Link Edge is completely flexible and can form curves, circles and straight lines with ease.

Professional landscapers, designers, architects, construction companies and DIY-enthusiasts choose Link Edge over other edging, for its superior flexibility, high-strength, longevity, most-competitive price, and dependable customer service from a renowned, Australian and family-owned manufacturing company. If you are looking for the perfect professional-finish, choose the only reliable aluminium edge for lawn, garden, paving, greenroofs & bitumen. Link Edge, the Original Australian Aluminium Edging.

Why Aluminium?

Cement edging will crack, can be tricky to install and can be time consuming. Plastic edging and plastic components will break down and become brittle in the sun. Steel edging will rust and leave sharp edges. Wooden edging will rot, splinter and attract unwanted pests.

Link Edge is the pioneer of aluminium edging in Australia.

Why Link Edge?

  • Designed and made with durable, high-quality aluminium and its unique and patented design allows for complete two-way flexibility unlike any other.
  • Specially designed spike-guides for even more upright stability ensuring your edging stays where you want it. The straight lines are perfectly rigid and the curves are endless.
  • Developed the strongest and most secure spikes that have been design-engineered to be the most effective spikes on the market designed to be used in all soil types.
  • The most competitively-priced edging available and offers the most value for money every time.
  • The unique Link Edge design allows for the most strength an edge can offer.
  • It is time-saving and a long-lasting edging solution that can be used to form straight, curved, angled and circular-edges with ease and no expertise.

What is Link Edge?

Link Edge edging is available in four ranges which each offer several height options and various powder-coated colours to match any landscape design.

  • Link Edge Original
  • Link Edge Heavy Duty
  • Link Edge Low
  • Link Edge Circles and Link Edge Squares

Link Edge can either be purchased in lengths that can easily be cut with a hack-saw to meet individual needs, or in pre-packaged DIY packs which include accessories required for installation. It is secured by simply hammering edge spikes through holes in the aluminium into the ground, and lengths can be connected together by using a ‘fishplate connector’ for a smooth, uninterrupted edge.

Link Edge is flexible in its design and in the applications that you can use the product.

Examples of such Link Edge applications are, but not limited to:

  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Paving
  • Green Roofs
  • Turf
  • Resin bound and loose gravel
  • Aggregate
  • Synthetic Grass
  • Shuttering
  • Wetpour and other safety surfacing
  • Terracing
  • Glass
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Garden Beds
  • Permeable Paving
  • Resin-bonded surfacing
  • Rubbers
  • Bitumen/asphalt

For more information on Link Edge products and general garden edging enquiries, please contact us on 1300 722 102 or complete our online form.