Landscape Lids and Covers

Landscape Lids and Covers allow for a sophisticated, integrated finish in your landscape project – whether it be a pool, patio or outdoor area

Landscape Lids and Covers

HIDE Landscape Lids and Covers are designed to carry your selection of tiles, timber or concrete to match the pool surrounds, creating a luxurious, uninterrupted outdoor space. 

HIDE lids are readily installed in new poolscapes or when refurbishing existing landscapes. 

Their design allows for easy and affordable installation, on-site by a contractor. HIDE lids can be installed both in new landscapes, or retrofitted in existing outdoor areas, and are designed for quick and affordable installation, with each HIDE kit containing all the components needed for a no-fuss install.

Every kit contains all the components for a no-fuss assembly, resulting in the homeowner having a safe and seamless finish. 

Melbourne Brick is delighted to stock a range of products from Hide in our stores, which you can also buy online

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HIDE Access Covers – Full Polymer

HIDE Access Covers – Stainless Steel

HIDE – Concrete Covers

HIDE – Drain Covers – Stainless Steel

HIDE Skimmer Lids – Polymer Range

HIDE Skimmer Lids – Stainless Steel

Linear Drain Covers – Tile Inlay