Shop Melbourne Brick’s wide range of limestone blocks and pavers from ancient quarries in Mount Gambier, South Australia


Limestone is a beautiful sedimentary rock formed from lace coral colonies tens of millions of years ago. You can often see fossils of the species that formed the rock inside the bricks and pavers.

Melbourne Brick stocks a wide range of limestone blocks and pavers, most from quarries in Mount Gambier in South Australia.

A light-coloured rock that ranges from cream to biscuit and honeycomb colours, this product is a beautiful and aesthetic choice for both your home and paved areas.

The limestone blocks we can source for you include plain-faced, rock-faced and even stunning bevel-edged blocks.

There is also a wide range of decorative moulding available to set off your designs.

Using Limestone as a paver has a lot of benefits. Limestone reflects heat and stays cooler than other pavers. Limestone is also resistant to salt attack, and when properly finished can give a great non-slip surface around pool edges.

Limestone Blocks can also make effective and beautiful retaining walls for your outdoor room and landscaping designs.