Pavers for the Future

You can’t produce the best product if you don’t start with the best

Pavers for the Future are a more sustainable, environmentally beneficial paving range manufactured by Island Block and Paving using recycled glass aggregate to provide a unique high quality, exposed aggregate finish that glistens in the light.

Pavers for the Future have excellent strength and are suitable for all types of paving projects from residential to commercial.

Here is a brochure you can download:

Key Benefits:

  • Unique finish that glistens in the light
  • True to size, easy to lay, slip resistant Exposed Aggregate Pavers
  • Pedestrian, Driveway and Permeable paving options
  • Up to 40% recycled glass aggregate used
  • Up to 40% less natural resources used
  • 10% reduction in cement= lower CO2 emissions

Pavers for the Future sizes available:

  • Exposed Aggregate 400 x 300 x 50mm
  • Drivestone ECO 400 x 300 x 65mm
  • Plazastone ECO 400 x 400 x 50mm

Pavers for the Future are manufactured with up to 40% recycled glass aggregate. After manufacture, the pavers are shot blasted to expose the attractive glass-coloured aggregate on the surface. The pavers can be laid per the recommended paving installation steps.

Pavers for the Future can be sealed if desired to further highlight the glass aggregate with 2 coats of Concrete stencil sealer- available from Island Block and Paving. Exposed Aggregate Paver Brochure

For more information including colours and an installation guide, download the brochure here.

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Melbourne Brick is proud to be the exclusive Victorian Distributor of the Best products, Australian Made premium quality pavers at an affordable price.

“You can’t produce the best product if you don’t start with the best; people, passion, ingenuity and inspiration. All this coupled with a multi-million dollar investment state of the art production facility in South Australia ensures that Best Point deliver to you the leading edge of hard flooring.” Best Point.

The Environment

One of the most important points to make about how BEST makes products is that it is, after all, a natural process using natural ingredients.

So whilst the technology has changed radically, the basic methods of production we use would not be unrecognisable to ancient paver makers.

Granite, marble and limestone pavers are, of course, just natural stone that is precisely cut and exquisitely finished.

But every component that goes into the manufacture of our composite pavers is natural too. There are no chemicals used in the process.

Unlike most manufacturers, that means our site is free of contaminants. It also makes pavers a guilt-free purchase and a worthy addition to any green home.

Available for download are the following PDF’s:


BEST products can be used externally as well as internally. Just follow our simple guidelines and they will remain as-new well into the future. In this section, you’ll find advice and information on how to clean and care for our hard flooring in many common applications, including patios, walkways, driveways, pools decks and interior flooring.

Available for download are the following PDF’s:

Installation and Specifications

Whether installing for light traffic or heavy, Best Point pavers will suit your next project. In this section are the size specifications on the entire range and instructions on how to best install our product including performance and testing results.

Available for download are the following PDF’s:

Product Brochures

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