Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers offer elegance and uniqueness, with low maintenance and a slip and stain-resistant surface

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain Pavers are high quality and low maintenance. Fired at high temperatures porcelain pavers are very dense and do not require sealing when laid. There are some beautiful designs to choose from in the Porcelain pavers we stock.

Porcelain is incredibly durable, requiring no sealing or additional treatment for protection as they are stain-resistant and slip-resistant. With advancement in modern designs, porcelain pavers look indistinguishable from natural stone. A sophisticated look matched with a beautiful textured finish, Porcelain Outdoors will inspire those looking for a classic finish or have a contemporary vision.

A must see is  the amazing new Beachwood collection available now at Melbourne Brick. Stunning Porcelain pavers that express the textures of wood in various styles. 

The Beachwood series was inspired by the iconic beaches, bays and wharfs of Sydney. This vibrant city is known for its natural beauty, waterfronts and sunny climate that lends itself to outdoor living. 

You’ll be sure to love this new product as much as we do.


A brand new man made bluestone product is now available at Melbourne Brick.

Victoria’s Bluestone features a wide range of designs and sizes in a product which perfectly mimics the natural bluestone of which Victorian’s are so fond. 

Bluestone features heavily in our public buildings, our paving and in stately homes both traditional and modern in Melbourne. 

Now you can capture that look in a manufactured product which is high quality and low maintenance. 

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