Wet Cast Pavers

Wet Cast Pavers, Melbourne Stone & Timberstone

Wet Cast Pavers at Melbourne Brick

Wetcast Paving is the process of making pavers using polyurethane moulds and a wet mix of sand, cement and oxides for colour. Often, additives to protect the paver are added as well.

The quality varies a lot, and choosing a high-quality manufactured product is important to avoid problems and high maintenance costs down the track. Melbourne Stone is our wet cast paver, which we have been making for nearly twenty years.

We use high-quality ingredients and colour through the manufacturing process – which means if you get a scratch or chip on your paver, you’re not going to see raw concrete colour through it. Some manufacturers do a thin layer of oxide in their mould, meaning the oxide or pigment doesn’t go through the paver.

Our products come in a range of designer colours and finish to match any décor.

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Melbourne Stone

Melbourne Stone is our very own handmade paving brand. We’ve been making Melbourne Stone for decades and have created one of the highest quality wet cast pavers available.

Using only the highest quality ingredients including sand, oxides and our very own secret ingredients, we mix, mould and create a range of pavers named after the famous beaches of Australia. 

You can select various sizes, colours and edging pavers from the range.

Here are some of the reasons we believe Melbourne Stone to be your first choice in handmade wet cast paving:

  • we select only the best sand available 
  • we use high quality oxides(colour) and other ingredients
  • we have specially formulated recipes that guarantee a better result in the finished paver
  • our pavers are coloured right through – not just on the surface like some cheap pavers
  • the pavers are backed by our over thirty-year history serving customers in Victoria
  • our pavers are chosen by several other distributors due to their quality

Check out the Melbourne Stone range and buy online now.

Timberstone Products at Melbourne Brick

Timberstone portrays the essence of natural timber, with all the benefits of handcrafted stonework. Perfect for creating low-maintenance gardens and stylish pool surrounds. Timberstone looks amazing and is easy to care for. Timberstone by MelbourneStone. Quality that is handmade for you.

Timberstone is a manufactured product, where a real timber sleeper is used as a model for a mould and then we manufacture using similar techniques to making pavers. The added step is a proprietary colouring and handmade process that realistically captures that unmistakable sleeper look right down to the unique individual characteristics of every piece.

Timberstone is:

  • Termite proof
  • Hand made
  • Weatherproof
  • Pool and salt resistant
  • Will not splinter or rot

For more information including colours and an installation guide, download the brochure below.