Retaining Walls

Melbourne Brick has the largest independent range of retaining walls and retaining wall systems.

Retaining Walls and Retaining Wall Systems from Melbourne Brick

With our vast range of interlocking dry stacked retaining walls to suit any size wall from a garden edge to retaining walls five metres high.

We have concrete rock face, smooth face and concrete sleepers to suit any application. You can build a retaining wall simply yourself or engage our expert installers to build retaining walls for you.

Melbourne Brick stores feature extensive displays and with the support of our experienced staff, you will be able to select the best product to suit your personal style and design requirements.

We recently launched our range of M OZ Concrete Sleepers to the market in a range of sizes and colours. Concrete Sleepers are without doubt the most popular product in the retaining wall segment being cost-effective and long-lasting. They come in grey and charcoal colour options and sizes from 1800mm to 2400mm.

Concrete sleepers will not shrink, rot or twist and, most importantly, are termite-proof. They are not susceptible to fire, which is excellent for Australia’s tough regional conditions. Best of all, concrete has a massive 55-year life expectancy, offering you value for money and peace of mind.

Timber quality has drastically reduced in the past 12 years, due to treatment restrictions and oversupply leading to inferior quality. 

Our sleepers are helping to reduce waste, as components of our products use recycled elements.

One product you must check out is the Freestone ECO range from Island Block. They use recycled glass in their product which absolutely shines in the light to add a real design feature to your retaining wall. Melbourne Brick is proud to stock Island Block & Paving’s unique range of bricks, concrete building blocks, architectural blocks, weed-free paving and patented retaining wall systems. You should also check out our retaining wall ideas gallery for the latest and greatest in retaining wall design and development.

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that is built to hold back soil or rock from a slope or hillside. It is typically used to prevent erosion or to create a level surface in a sloped area. Retaining walls can be made from a variety of materials, including concrete, stone, wood, and brick. They can be used in both residential and commercial landscapes to create functional and attractive spaces.

How do you build a retaining wall?

There are several steps involved in building a retaining wall:

  1. Determine the purpose of the wall and the materials needed.
  2. Choose a location for the wall and mark out the area with stakes and string.
  3. Excavate the area for the wall, making sure to remove any debris or rocks that may interfere with the foundation.
  4. Install a base layer of gravel or other porous material to allow for drainage.
  5. Lay the first course of blocks or bricks, making sure to level and align them properly.
  6. Continue laying courses of blocks or bricks, using a level to ensure they are straight and properly aligned.
  7. Use mortar or other bonding material to secure the blocks or bricks in place.
  8. Backfill the area behind the wall with soil or other material to provide support.
  9. Add any finishing touches, such as landscaping or decorative elements, as desired.

At Melbourne Brick, we keep up to date with the latest trends so you can choose the colour, shape, texture, height, size of ‘face’ and finish that suits your project.

Bricky’s Tip

Don’t forget to check out our Sustainable Retaining Wall options too.