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Synthetic Sports Turf

For Tennis, Golf, Lawn Bowls, Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Athletics, Playgrounds, and more.

Supernatural Grass

Supernatural Grass provides an ideal alternative to real grass – it is long lasting and durable, and avoids the wear and tear usually caused on sporting grounds.Synthetic sports turf

With cyclical drought periods throughout Victoria, many sporting clubs and community groups struggle to maintain their lawn areas – leaving it to deteriorate to a state of disrepair (not to mention the cost and effort of upkeep).

Synthetic sports turf is fast becoming the ideal solution to these problems. Produced with high quality synthetic blades and triple latex backing, your synthetic grass is durable enough to withstand any conditions but is soft enough to walk on and has been proven to minimize sports related injuries on the field.

Australian made and produced, the manufacturers of Supernatural Grass have also produced synthetic grass for major sports events and Olympic stadiums including the AFL, MCG and Telstra boundary lines as well as the Sydney and Beijing Olympics.

Melbourne Brick has supplied and installed synthetic sports turf for lawn bowls, hockey fields, cricket wickets, tennis courts and golf courses / putting greens.

Supernatural Grass

Supernatural Grass looks and feels so realistic to natural grass – it really is difficult to notice the difference. Available in three different varieties, we have a range of synthetic grass to suit all your playing field requirements.

Benefits of Supernatural Grass:

  • Save time and money on maintenance of your sports / playing fields;
  • Keep your sporting club members happy with realistic and natural looking grass for all your sporting events;
  • No watering, irrigation, fertilisation, edging or mowing required
  • No allergies – no itching;
  • Eight years manufacturer’s warranty – produced from high quality and high performance grade synthetic grass, Supernatural Grass won’t wear or fade away;
  • Durable – Triple latex backing and strong synthetic grass blades will withstand tough conditions and sporting play;
  • ariety – Supernatural Grass comes in three varieties to comply with your sporting standards.

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