Native Nara

Nara Native Turf is Australia’s first all-purpose native turf, it is low maintenance, easy to establish and has outstanding winter colour.

Native Nara

Melbourne Brick stock Native Nara Zoysia.

If you’re looking for a native grass variety, this one might be a good choice for you.

Nara Native Zoysia is Australia’s first native lawn variety that holds up under the toughest of climates and is well-suited to all areas across the country.

It is a low-maintenance lawn that requires less mowing, edging and fertilising compared to other varieties such as Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu.

Nara Zoysia’s deep-rooted characteristics result in outstanding drought tolerance and water efficiency as well as a high wear tolerance in both full sun and semi-shade.

Its deep roots also mean it is superb for erosion control and for laying on sloping sites.

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