Soft Stone

Recreating the look of rammed earth & natural stone with lightweight & simple installation

Soft Stone

Recreating the look of rammed earth & natural stone with lightweight & simple installation

New to the Australian market is Soft Stone – a light weight, flexible decorative wall veneer for indoor and external use that recreates the beauty and texture of natural stone and rammed earth.

Modified clay and stone powder is transformed by compounding, moulding and heating to deliver lightweight
wall veneer that can be securely affixed with adhesive. Quick and easy to install in comparison to its natural
counterparts makes these veneer panels an ideal DIY solution for home renovators and cost-effective and
efficient design solution for professional builders, architects and interior designers.

Recreating the unique features and characteristics of natural stone and rammed earth for a fraction of the cost
and time and without the construction inconvenience. Made from clay and stone powder using innovative
technology to produce thin, light and flexible panels means Soft Stone is bendable and can be applied
over round, curved and angled surfaces or flat onto a wall surface.

Enabling endless possibilities for achieving beautiful and dramatic decorative wall solutions for interiors and

Available in the following style ranges and colours:

• Travertine/Silver Travertine
• Rough Granite (White/Dark Grey)
• Line stone (White/Black)
• Rammed Earth (Light Grey/Red/Khaki/White)

Soft Stone Installation

All surfaces should be suitably prepared to ensure they are level, clean, dry and free of dust, grease and any loose material. Failure to prepare surface and protect it from dirt, debris and water during application may affect adherence and performance of adhesive.

Soft Stone veneer panels can be applied over existing wall linings and building skins including brick, timber, concrete, cement sheeting, in addition to non combustible building substrates that protect and seal building exteriors.

Storage: Keep dry and free from the weather to ensure proper contact and adhesion.

Cutting: Small diamond cutting blade, scoring with a stanley knife. Cornerpieces can be mitred with course sand paper as an option.

Adhesion: We recommend MAPEI KERAFLEX MAXI S1. This is a high-performance tile adhesive, which is available directly from Melbourne Brick in White and Grey. For internal applications, Mapei offers a range of construction adhesives fit for purpose.

Grouting/silicon: Grouting the corner joints or sheet joints (optional) can be done with MAPEI KERACOLOR FF. Applying to small areas and cleaning as per manufacturer is recommended.

Waterproofing/sealing: It is recommended the Soft Stone product is coated with a weather proofing stone sealer once installed. This is a measure to aid against airborne grime.


It is the responsibility of the customer/builder/professional specifier to ensure that the products selected are
suitable, fit for the intended purpose, and used in accordance with the National Construction Code.

The wholesaler will not accept any responsibility for any products which fail to perform in an application for
which they were not suitable or did not satisfy a relevant requirement of the National Construction Code.

As Soft Stone aims to replicate natural products using real stone and clay powders there will be some variations
in colour and texture for each panel.

This is an intentional attempt at replicating natural variations in stone and rammed earth. The wholesaler will not
accept liability for any colour variation, sizes, finishes, patterns or other irregularities once the panels are

All panels should be carefully checked for quality and quantity upon delivery. Any unsatisfactory irregularities or

Regular cleaning of Soft Stone (sweeping, air blower or hosing down with water) is recommended. The use of
abrasive, acidic or alkali household and commercial detergents should be avoided as they can remove the veneer
panel’s surface sealant or in extreme cases damage the finish and pattern of the panel.

The wholesaler offers no additional warranties. For consumers as defined by Australian Competition Law the
consumer has the rights and remedies in respect of this product guaranteed by that law.

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