Something a little different in paving patterns

Most people lay their pavers in a traditional straight block pattern, but we know some people like to break up tradition. 

We’re not experts in Feng Shui, but we do know a thing or two about alternative paving patterns.

So here are three different ways you can choose to have your pavers laid in your backyard. Some of these may be a bit tricky for the DIY project, but most professional tradespeople will be able to execute these for you.

  1. Stretcher Bond is a design style that you’ll be familiar with in brickwork – this is where the pavers are laid in alternating rows with each alternate put halfway over two pavers in the previous row. You can lay this straight or on a 45 degree angle
  2. Basketweave is where two pavers are laid in one direction and then the two pavers next to them are paid in the opposite direction – obviously this pattern only works with rectangular pavers, but it is equally good with small or large format styles
  3. Contrasts – this is simply a method where you use a contrasting colour along the edge or in small amounts in the main area of paving. You could do a huge checkerboard in your yard with a bluestone and a limestone for example. In our Melbourne Stone range we have various colours named after famous Australian Beaches – so why not place Whitehaven right next to Gunnamatta! 

There’s no need to follow the crowd. Choose a different method of laying your pavers and really make your outdoor room design stand out.

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