Achieve a lush, healthy lawn with Lawn Pride. Melbourne Brick is a leading provider of lawn care products in Melbourneto keep your grass looking its best.

Spotlight on Lawn Pride

Lawn Pride are without doubt the most passionate – some would even say fanatical – lawn brand company in Australia.

The team at Melbourne Brick are delighted to have a range of their products in stock to partner with our extensive range of natural turf.

Now you can buy the grass and the fertiliser and soil wetting agents all in one place.

Being a seasonal product, natural turf is best purchased and installed in warmer months.

There are several reasons why:

  1. Turf establishes more quickly and easily in warm weather because the soil is warmer and moister, which allows the roots to grow more quickly.
  2. In warmer weather, there is less risk of frost, which can damage new turf and make it more difficult for it to establish.
  3. Warmer temperatures also allow for better seed germination and the overall health of the grass.
  4. In warmer weather, there is typically more sunlight, which is essential for the growth and development of turf.
  5. Finally, installing turf in warmer months allows you to take advantage of the growing season, so your new lawn has more time to establish before the winter weather arrives.

Lawn Pride Starter is an ideal lawn starter fertiliser for new turf installations or early spring growth. Contains 50% slow-release nitrogen and high phosphorous to encourage root development.

GreenXtra is a liquid fertiliser containing stabilised Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium that provides Xtra turf green up without excessive growth. 

Check out the full range of Lawn Pride products in one of our three display superstores around Melbourne.