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Stone Cladding, or stacked stone is a term given to a wide variety of products – either natural or man made – that are thin veneers mimicking a solid stone wall.

They are usually far more cost effective, and able to used pretty much anywhere in your home – either indoors or outdoors.

Here’s three places you can use stone cladding in your new or existing home.

1. Feature Entrance

I’m sure if you’re building a new home, you’ve been visiting the display villages and grown tired of seeing the row upon row of home with the rendered portico leading to the front door.

Why not spice up your design a little and replace the rendered wall with a stacked stone wall?

There are so many varieties and designs to choose from that will help lift the entry to your home, giving visitors and passers by a great first impression of your home. You can also tie in the look and feel of the wall, with the stones and pots and plants in your landscaping to complete the look.

2. Feature Wall for the Lounge Room

Have you ever been to a ski-lodge or a mountain home and sat in the warm and peaceful lounge room sipping on a Gluhwein or Schnapps. Did it have a stone wall that just reeked of old world charm?

You can have that look too. Just replace a painted wall with stacked stone cladding behind and around the fireplace and you’ll be back in your favourite ski fields in no time.

3. Connecting indoors and outdoors

One particularly awesome way we’ve seen stacked stone used is as a continuous wall design linking the outdoor room with indoors – often separated by just the bi-fold doors or a big glass window. Carrying the same wall look between these two spaces can really set your two living areas apart from the norm. Particularly if you integrate the BBQ, fridge, and outdoor food preparation area all in the same line.

We hope you enjoyed those three ideas for using stacked stone in your home.

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