Stuck on you! Get a strong and reliable hold with Mapei adhesives from Melbourne Brick. Our selection of high-quality pavers are perfect for any project.

Stuck on you

When you’re into outdoor products like we are, you get to see the good, bad and ugly of outdoor design and installation.

Over the years, we’ve visited many locations where the workmanship of past installers just wasn’t up to scratch. Or the choice of adhesives or sealers resulted in cracked or loose pavers or stone.

In the world of adhesives for pavers, all is definitely not equal, and one of the world’s best ranges comes from  MAPEI.

Melbourne Brick is proud to be a distributor of these products, which we highly recommend to all clients wanting a superior finish to their job.

Paying a little bit more for the best adhesives, cleaners and sealers make sense as whilst they are a small part of the overall cost, you’re spending good money on a quality paver or stone and then money for someone to install – you may as well ensure the product stays stuck where it should and remains well sealed for a long long time.

Mapei has over 80 years of experience in the construction industry and they bring this to bear in a deep understanding of their products and how they work in the real environment. 

Mapei adhesives & sealants | Worldwide leaders in adhesives | Shop online or instore at our three Melbourne Brick stores
Mapei adhesives – The world’s best sealers and glues are available directly through Melbourne Brick

What we like a lot about them too as they are a family-run business – like Melbourne Brick – and have an appreciation that business isn’t just about money, as you can see from this quote from their Operational, Marketing and Communications Director – Adriana Spazzoli

“A company has a very precise role in society; net profit is not its only target. It must also encompass the ethical, scientific, human and cultural values that form the real personality and reputation of the company”

Since 1988, Melbourne Brick has been a locally owned, family-run business and we support the local community, and tradespeople where we can. 

We look forward to working with you to turn your outdoor dreams into a dream outdoors.