Summer Maintenance Tips From Melbourne Brick

3 things you can do to maintain your outdoor area before the entertaining begins in earnest:

1. Topsoil and Feed the lawn

After a long winter, grass goes dormant, and when the fast growing season begins, which you’ve probably already noticed – you need to sometimes top up the nutrients to the grass to give it the best
possible start to the summer.

After a few years, your lawn may also get some uneven bumps and patches, and this can often be solved with top soil.

Melbourne Brick stock a high end range of slow release fertiliser  specific for each season as per below.

You’ll find more tips on maintaining your natural turf lawn – species by species – on our website

2. Pressure wash the pavers

If you’ve had Paving in for any length of time, you may notice them looking a bit dirty or perhaps even with some mould in the cooler areas out of the sun.

Combining a good wash with the right cleaner is a good, quick and cheap way to refresh your outdoor entertaining area. But don’t use any old cleaner.

Melbourne Brick stock a range of high quality cleaners for every type of paver, and it’s remarkable how good they can look with a good pressure wash.

3. Clean your bricks/retaining walls – replace mortar??

Recently we had some ants invade the bottom row of the bricks at our house – aside from putting down some ant-rid or other poison – which we prefer not too – in older houses this can eventually lead to the need to replace the mortar between your bricks.

You may have heard of the term – tuck pointing – which is the term given to doing this replacement.

It’s not difficult, but does require some fiddly work and some specialist tools.

If you see deeper than normal gaps in the mortar, then you should do or get someone to do this, as further damage can occur to your brickwork if the mortar is not maintained in a good condition.

We trust you enjoy your summer entertaining outdoors. As always reach out with any questions you have to one of our friendly and experienced staff at any one of our three display superstores.