Experience the beauty and benefits of Synlawn synthetic grass from Melbourne Brick | Eco-friendly | Low maintenance alternative to natural grass.

Synlawn Synthetic Grass

Here’s what the Synlawn team have to say about their amazing Synlawn synthetic grass.

All our grasses are manufactured using our exclusive ‘Entanglement Technology’. Entanglement technology is highly scientific, we actually interlace the molecular chains in the fibre into a three-dimensional shape.

The result is an exceptionally soft surface and greater protection against splicing and a considerably longer lifespan.

Many other manufacturers prefer to dazzle you with shaping their yarns into W/M/S shapes, but this shaping occurs once the yarn has been extruded therefore breaking the integrity of the yarn and resulting in the grass blades splitting and breaking after a short period of time. Creating the diamond shaping during extrusion ensures our grasses’ longevity.

And what about your fantastic new product – Synlawn Classic GT?

Synlawn Classic GT is our new premium Synlawn synthetic grass landscaping solution made from 60% renewable resources and is the latest innovation by our Australian manufacturer, APT Asia Pacific. SYNLawn Classic GT has all the benefits of durable synthetic grass but is now environmentally friendly. 

Utilising Green Technology (GT) APT has revolutionised the synthetic grass industry with this sustainable solution that reduces our client’s carbon footprint.

Classic GT is an environmentally friendly multi-coloured 40mm soft-to-touch artificial grass blade made with SYNLawn’s Entanglement and exclusive HeatBlock™ cooling technology. This high-weight landscaping solution is intertwined with natural thatch colours which provides our clients with a very realistic finish.

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